Wants to Watch Tokyo Olympics Live in Portugal – Here’s Full Guide


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Tokyo olympics which is one of the most popular sports events and around the corner of fans are looking For How and Where to Watch Summer Olympics Live ? For the Solution of this query I here share with you a complete detailed article to stream olympics with various options.

The Tokyo Olympics which is originally schedule in 2020 but worldwide corona pandemic events postponed and Now its reschedule in 2021. As per Schedule Summer Olympics to be played in the period of 23rd July to 8 August.

I Am From Portugal – How Can I Watch Tokyo Olympics 2021 live in Portugal?

The Portuguese people are very supportive of the sport. They like to stand behind their athletes regardless of their results. Millions of people will support Portugal from their homes. So here we share how to watch the live coverage of the Olympics from Portugal.

If we look at the Tokyo olympics Broadcaster List then RTP is officially Broadcasting the Summer Games 2020 live in Portugal. RTP stands for Rádio e Televisão de Portugal and is the public service broadcasting network in Portugal. They operate four TV channels and three radio channels. So if you Residing at Portugal this is surely the best option of you to stream the Olympics live.

How to Watch Every Olympics sports Event Live in Portugal?

As we share the details above RTP to Shown the Olympics live in Portugal but on one time only one events will be shown if you want to Watch other events on that time then ? I share a Trick with you.

You need to Subscribe a VPN service which will help you to change your geo-location and that will easily unblock any TV channels around the world. I Recommend you to Go with ExpressVPN as they provide one of the fastest video streaming Top channels Like BBC, ITV, NBC, Hotstar, Sonyliv, ESPN, DAZN, HBo, Fox Sports, Sky Sports, RaiTV etc as well popular streaming platform of Hulu, Sling TV, YouTubeTv, Fubo TV etc. See below the steps.

Watch Olympics live with Zattoo (BBC coverage)

Price: Free

The BBC holds broadcasting rights in the UK for the 2021 Summer Olympics. BBC is available for free on Zattoo Switzerland. Be sure to check the BBC’s official schedule to learn when to watch your favorite events.

To watch the Olympics on Zattoo:

  1. Get ExpressVPN (Offering 49% off on Annual Plan)
  2. Connect to a server location in Switzerland.
  3. Go to Zattoo and sign up.
  4. Enjoy the Olympics.

Watch Olympics Live with #1 VPN

Stream the 2021 Tokyo Olympics live with RTÉ Player

Price: Free

Channels: RTE and RTE 2

RTE holds broadcasting rights for the Olympics in Ireland. You can watch all matches live and for free on RTÉ Player, with no email address required. To watch:

  1. Get ExpressVPN (Offering 49% off on Annual Plan)
  2. Connect to a server location in Ireland.
  3. Go to RTE Player.
  4. Enjoy watching!

Watch Olympics Live with #1 VPN

Stream the Tokyo Games on the CBC (Canada)

Price: Free

The CBC is one of the official broadcasters in Canada for the Summer Olympics. Be sure to check with the CBC’s schedule to know when to tune in. Signing up is painless.

To watch the Olympics on the CBC:

  1. Get ExpressVPN (Offering 49% off on Annual Plan)
  2. Connect to a server location in Canada.
  3. Go to CBC Gem and sign up. (You may need to enter a valid Canadian postal code, e.g., R3T 4A7, V1M 1Y8.)
  4. Enjoy the Olympics.

Watch Olympics Live with #1 VPN

Stream the Olympics with Locast.org (U.S.)

Channel: NBC

Locast is an excellent free option for getting NBC’s Olympic coverage. Check the schedule to see when the coverage is on and watch live with local TV through the not-for-profit service.

To stream the playoffs with Locast:

  1. Get ExpressVPN (Offering 49% off on Annual Plan)
  2. Fire up the ExpressVPN browser extension for ChromeFirefox, or Edge
  3. Connect to a server location in the U.S. like New York or Los Angeles
  4. Go to Locast.org and sign up
  5. Select the market that corresponds with the server location you’re connected to
  6. Tune in to the local NBC channel and enjoy the Olympics!

Watch Olympics Live with #1 VPN

Live stream the Olympics on 7plus (Australia)

Price: Free

Channels: The Olympic Channel

The Australian streaming service 7plus recently added the Olympic Channel to its channel lineup. On 7plus, you can catch various sports during the Summer Olympics. And it’s completely free.

To watch the Olympics on 7plus:

  1. Get ExpressVPN (Offering 49% off on Annual Plan)
  2. Connect to a server location in Australia.
  3. Go to 7plus and sign up.
  4. Enjoy your stream.

Watch Olympics Live with #1 VPN

Watch with Tokyo Olympics French commentary on France TV

Price: Free

Channels: France Télévisions

France TV holds the broadcasting rights for the 2021 Summer Olympics and will show the event for free.

To watch the Summer Olympics on France TV:

  1. Get ExpressVPN (Offering 49% off on Annual Plan)
  2. Connect to a server location in France.
  3. Go to France TV.
  4. Enjoy your stream!

Watch Olympics Live with #1 VPN

Portugal Athletes Who Participate in Tokyo Olympics

Sport Men Women Total
Athletics 3 9 12
Canoeing 6 2 8
Cycling 2 2 4
Gymnastics 1 1 2
Judo 2 6 8
Handball 14 0 14
Equestrian 3 1 4
Rowing 2 0 2
Sailing 4 1 5
Shooting 1 0 1
Skateboarding 1 0 1
Surfing 1 2 3
Swimming 5 4 9
Table tennis 3 2 5
Taekwondo 1 0 1
Triathlon 2 1 3
Total 51 31 82

Portugal at Summer Olympics

Portugal who is one of the 198 participating nations of the Tokyo Olympics Competition. Since the debut in the 1912, Portugal country reguarly compete in the olympics and winning the total of 24 Medals which includes 4 gold, 8 silver and 12 bronze medals. Portugal win the Major Medal in the Athletics events in olympics.

List of Portugal Medalist in Olympics Events with Events Name

Medal Name Games Sport Event
 Gold Carlos Lopes  1984 Los Angeles Athletics Men’s marathon
 Gold Rosa Mota  1988 Seoul Athletics Women’s marathon
 Gold Fernanda Ribeiro 1996 Atlanta Athletics Women’s 10000 metres

Nelson Évora  2008 Beijing Athletics Men’s triple jump
 Silver Duarte Bello
Fernando Bello
 1948 London Sailing Swallow
 Silver Mário Quina
José Quina
 1960 Rome Sailing Star
 Silver Carlos Lopes  1976 Montreal Athletics Men’s 10000 metres
 Silver Armando Marques  1976 Montreal Shooting Mixed trap
 Silver Francis Obikwelu  2004 Athens Athletics Men’s 100 metres
 Silver Sérgio Paulinho  2004 Athens Cycling Men’s road race
 Silver Vanessa Fernandes  2008 Beijing Triathlon Women’s competition
 Silver Fernando Pimenta
Emanuel Silva
 2012 London Canoeing Men’s K-2 1000 metres
 Bronze António Borges
Hélder de Souza
José Mouzinho
 1924 Paris Equestrian Team jumping
 Bronze Frederico Paredes
Henrique da Silveira
João Sassetti
Jorge de Paiva
Mário de Noronha
Paulo d’Eça Leal
 1928 Amsterdam Fencing Men’s team épée
 Bronze Domingos de Sousa
José Beltrão
Luís Mena e Silva
 1936 Berlin Equestrian Team jumping
 Bronze Fernando Paes
Francisco Valadas
Luís Mena e Silva
 1948 London Equestrian Team dressage

Joaquim Fiúza
Francisco de Andrade
 152 Helsinki Sailing Star
 Bronze António Leitão  1984 Los Angeles Athletics Men’s 5000 metres
 Bronze Rosa Mota  1984 Los Angeles Athletics Women’s marathon
 Bronze Hugo Rocha
Nuno Barreto
 1996 Atlanta Sailing Men’s 470
 Bronze Fernanda Ribeiro  2000 Sydney Athletics Women’s 10000 metres
 Bronze Nuno Delgado  2000 Sydney Judo Men’s 81 kg
 Bronze Rui Silva  2004 Athens Athletics Men’s 1500 metres
 Bronze Telma Monteiro  2016 Rio de Janeiro Judo Women’s 57 kg

Credit : wikipedia


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